Nega Maluca :P
Pour It Up
Boy I'm in this club slow mo
Don't mind if I do
And I can tell you're feelin' me from the jump
I wanna ride too
You got that hot shit, Boy ya' blessed
Let me feel up on yo' chest
Flex In'
You the Man, You the man,one hundred grand
The same ole' game blow
Yes I play it very well
Come baby lay down, lemme stay down
Lemme show how I run thing in my playground
Come and get this Va Va Voom Voom
Va Va Voom
Nicki Minaj

Look, it’s twenty feet up in the air, and it’s in the middle of the most heavily guarded part of the prison. It’s impossible to get up there without being seen.

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Deus dá as batalhas mais difíceis aos seus melhores soldados.
-  Papa Francisco  (via a-lucinadora)

Get me bodied
That means come closer to me
While we grind to da beat
And your body’s touchin my body
All I need is to let it be
Ain’t no worry, no
Boy dance with me
Feel my body
Dont stop, just come closer to me
While we grind to the beat

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Essas crianças de hoje em dia acham que são pegadoras mas nunca se casaram com um loiro, moreno, careca, cabeludo, rei, ladrão, polícia ou capitão (eu já casei com todos, bjs)